All these licenses, agreements and so on can be purchased or downloaded from somewhere. But it’s absolutely no guarantee that you and your money will be perfectly safe. And the aafx handled it perfectly, I know a lot of people who have been trading here for a long time and do not want to change their broker.

I don’t see anything bad here, but I got accustomed to metatrader 4 so much that I a reluctant to alter my trading habits. Luckily, aafx supports mt4 and offers great trading conditions at the same time. Forex market is open 5 days a week and traders can get their forex trading accounts and begin smfx metal art the trades. Moreover, there are many opportunities in the market and around 4 trillion dollars are traded each day. But if we move away from psychological motives and look at the real trading conditions offered by the broker, I can say that they are really competitive even among the best brokers.

What is a currency broker?

A foreign exchange broker, or forex broker, is a financial service provider that lets you buy and sell currency. It's a bit like a middleman between traders and the interbank, which is a global market that allows you to trade foreign currency. Traditionally, a forex broker would buy and sell currencies on your behalf.

I just looked at the demo account and I liked it. And at the same time, everything that this broker offers can really be applied in practice and nothing to think about. This is a big plus and I also believe that this broker can be considered a worthy partner in our business. I’ve been working with the company for two years and haven’t seen any problems.

Trading Environment

Because the market is a business, and in business you can’t rely on any resources from the outside, everything depends on you, everything has to be under your personal control. I want to tell you that I don’t have special financial education, but I can tell you something about AAFX Trading broker. Broker AAFX Trading gives you the ability to plan my day the way I want. It seems to me that this is the main advantage. Because we all do not like when the schedule and the boss prevent us from living the way we want. Therefore, Forex trading allows us to have financial freedom.

Can forex start without money?

It is not only possible to make money on Forex without first investing, in some cases it is necessary. It is vitally important for a novice trader to study the trading terminal, the dynamics of quotations, and the trading mechanism itself before investing his own money before earning profits.

AAFX Trading provides approximately 100 underlying assets for clients to trade on. Their asset index initially included only Forex, CFDs and Futures, but has now been expanded to include stocks, commodities, indices, metals, and one crypto-currency . A complete list of available assets can be found on the company website, as can the specific trading conditions which are linked to each.

I’m trading with AAFX a little bit less than that, something around 3 years, but I’m also satisfied with everything. I withdrew money and deposited again for a few times to get the bonuses and additional income. Shortly I’m planning to upgrade my status to VIP – I think this will open new perspectives. AAFXTrading.com is a market leader when it comes to customer service, offering its clients top-notch products and services in over 20 different languages. I have contacted the technical support of AAFX Trading broker several times.

I trade on news, so it’s crucial for me to have fixed spreads at hand. They are predictable because they are always intact. I tested my favorite cross pairs with CHF on a real account, enjoyed execution.

Contacts of AAFX Trading

AAFx has got not only moderate spreads, but also a very good margin call system, so you are less likely to overestimate your success and lose everything . The company’s focus on superior service has been frequently recognized by the industry. AAFXTrading.com was the recipient of the Malaysian investor show winning the best broker of asia 2013. All information on 55brokers.com is only published for general information purposes. We do not present any investment advice or guarantees for the accuracy and reliability of the information.

If you keep judging all Forex companies by their regulation and some hyped article, you might end up thinking that honest Forex brokers simply do not exist. Here’s a question though, why do people manage to earn on here all the same – and on AAFX as well? I also don’t think that this is very important how many regulators broker has and what kind of companies these are. Perhaps I’m an eternal optimist but I think that those times are already in the past, when a good broker can just rapidly become a scammer and betray its clients. Anyway, companies-shifters are left behind in the past 20 years ago. More tight spreads with zero commission and swap free accounts.

aafx trading review

It’s required to deposit at least 500$ and you will definitely receive 35% bonus to your deposit. Moreover, what was really wondering to me is the presence of redeposit bonus, y’all heard about something like this? Guess no) It offers redeposit bonus also for every redeposit 25% bonus on $500 deposit and 30% on $1000 or more deposit. At least I am passionate about bonuses and always try trading them.

The aafx MT5 trading platform provides you with everything you need to trade the financial markets. Last week I opened an account with AAFX Trading broker. I thought for a long time but still made this decision. A friend of mine is trading here and is very impressed with some of the conditions. After his AAFX Trading review, I decided to open an account here too.

In particularly it feels when u talk to support. I think AAFX Trading gives traders a feeling of support and even some kind of care. AAFX Trading operates globally and is among the few brokers that accept clients from the US.

Brokers By Licenses

It’s easy to understand what is so “dangerous” in AAFX and other decent brokerages with an offshore registration. They don’t bring enough money to Uncle Sam’s pocket. With all the respect to the great Uncle, taxes are extremely high in the US. If broker wants to minimize costs and offer the best conditions to their customers they have to register in offshore jurisdictions.

The fact that I would receive money within 24 hours makes me really delighted by the cooperation with this broker. I tried to withdraw money and they even were withdrawn faster. However, remember that the time of withdrawing money depends fully on pay,ment method. With this broker you can learn new about trading with education section or find useful information, news or analis for your general market understanding. Technical tools help you to find right tactic for investment or trading itself. AAFX Trading is not very popular among the other brokers around the world, but the service they provide is absolutely astonishing.

Yeah, guys with several million can trade with large banks and they don’t need high leverage. But people like the author of this article forget that there are billions of people who don’t have “spare” $5-10 million to invest. And such people need another solution to climb up the ledder of success. No trick here, there really are no swaps or overnight commissions here.


And I would like to emphasize once again – in full. Instrument AAFXTrading.com offers leveraged trading on almost every financial instrument. Many months ago I chose AAFX Trading for an objective reason, my colleague told me that this broker does not create problems and one can work here with a small investment. If you are not yet ready for something more serious. So I do not plan to change anything, on the contrary, I want to replenish my deposit in order to work more seriously from the near future. In general, I am satisfied, because the broker is reliable, no delays in withdrawal and it was not difficult for me to withdraw a large sum of money (let’s say over $4000).

What leverage is good for $100?

The best leverage for $100 forex account is 1:100.

Many professional traders also recommend this leverage ratio. If your leverage is 1:100, it means for every $1, your broker gives you $100. So if your trading balance is $100, you can trade $10,000 ($100*100).

Forex brokers can also provide services to not just individual traders, but also provide for institutional clients and large businesses, for example, investment banks. I cancelled all my pending trades as i hadn’t taken a loss at this point as you can see on myfxbook and then tried to withdraw my account. Which left me with less than my original deposit.

SCAM! Warning your money! Service use: OtherLength of use: over 1 Year

The team created good conditions for trading… But I do not remember, is there a time limit for closing orders here? If yes, then of course it is a minus, but I trade on the long term and the other conditions here are great… As you all know to make money with AAFX Trading you need to have a lot of time to learn demo trading. It is soliciting and/or accepting funds from U.S. customers and offering a product within the CFTC’s jurisdiction.

aafx trading review

But stable fixed spreads of just 2 pips is what I need. Because this corresponds to the orientation of the company even for small capitals for traders. I think what attracts most clients here is having two adequate trading platforms and access to a lot of leverage, because that can be helpful in their work. I agree, although this strikes their prestige in the eyes of those who are not familiar with them, but for people like me, it does not matter. Although I doubted whether to start working with the company, I tried it and now I can completely agree with you. Low spreads allow me to earn more and profit from small deals.

I came here from an affiliate link Service use: LiveLength of use: 6

I wanted to say that for all the time that I have been working with AAFX, I have not had any questions for them. The execution is good, both on a cent account and on ECN, quotes are not drawn, money is withdrawn. So here in vain they blame the broker, most likely they simply justify their own failures in trading.

Traders Reviews

The spreads are pretty low and there are no commissions, so I take the major part of my profits. The main advantage of using high leverage is that it allows you to earn much umarkets more money than you would earn without using leverage. However, it’s also a very high risk to lose all your accumulations, because leveraging always implies high risks.

This is a more modern trading platform and there is more functionality for market analysis. First of all, it allows increasing of capital for trade. You can conduct profitable trades at the right time, even npbfx review if you don’t have the necessary funds. I have been trading with this broker for a long time and am very happy with the trading conditions. There are the right platforms for trading — these are MT4 and MT5.

But on the other hand I was getting my money in time all the time from AAFX. And people here in comments offer some decent explanations on why brokers prefer offshore registrations . I checked the AAFX trading broker in my free time. For such parameters as the speed of execution, spread value and quality of support I haven’t seen any negatives. Of course, I may express myself and draw some conclusions from the position of a client with a small deposit of $100 only.

For new investors, this can be very handy, but one has to know what to determine is a decent bonus. However, this ECN account is not a miracle to be honest. It’s not allowed to hold a trade for less than 60 seconds.

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